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Ready to join Reinvented Magazine in the LEGO® Minifigure Build-A-Thon?

How many minifigures can YOU build?

Want to volunteer?

Read our volunteer options below, select which volunteer opportunity you would like to take part in, and email info@reinventedmagazine.com with your name, contact information, and volunteer position.
General Volunteer 
Description: These volunteers can do whatever is needed whenever throughout the event. This could include but is not limited to: setting up the event, registering attendees and volunteers, assisting the display competition teams and cleaning up the event.

Set-Up Volunteer
Description: Set-up volunteers will be responsible for helping to set up the lobby and event center at the Melbourne Auditorium the day of the event. This includes but is not limited to the following items: decorations, placement of tables, cleaning, preparing build stations, placing event signage, directing vendors and sponsors to designated tables, making supply runs

Registration Volunteer 
Description: Registration volunteers are responsible for assisting the general public, teams, and volunteers to check into the event. These volunteers will be assisting a Reinvented team member, who will handle the finances of registration. Volunteers will be required to utilize spreadsheets, documentation, and the possibility of using a square card reader.

Community Mentors
Description: Community mentors are individuals from the community who are interested in assisting the display competition teams, who are middle and high schoolers. Mentors will answer questions and make suggestions including but not limited to the categories the teams will be judged on, which include: presentation, creativity, theme, design, and execution. 

Competition Volunteer 
Description: Competition volunteers will assist in the teams who are participating in the display competition. This includes running the build stations, which are tables filled with supplies given to the teams. In addition, this includes running team check-in, counting the supply runs taken by each team, and answering any questions that the teams may have. 

Clean-up Volunteer
Description: These volunteers will assist with general clean-up and tear down of the event. This may include but is not limited to: breaking down tables, picking up decorations, boxing up supplies, loading cars, and more. 

EMT/Medical Volunteer
Description: These volunteers will provide any emergency medical attention to attendees and volunteers as necessary. Individuals at a minimum should be CPR certified, understand how to utilize an EpiPen, and provide basic medical attention. 

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Receive a 6 foot table, 2 chairs, a wastebasket, and electricity (if needed!)